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    "I am a people pleaser and admittedly... was totally exhausted. This self-assessment was perfect! Best part is she wasn't trying to get me to stop helping people. I can honestly say I set healthy boundaries now. Shared, liked and subscribed!"

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    People pleaser self-assessment journal that will get you on track with your personal wellness without burning out!

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    Simple Desert Living

    please others without being drained of energy & enthusiasm!

    Better understand how you spend your time and how you can help others and still have time for you!

    You will be able to:

    • Log your daily activity
    • Keep track of your eating habits
    • Document your energy level
    • Add notes related to each day
    • Reflect on your daily activity journal
    • Take action confidently
    • Continue to help others
    • Set healthy boundaries
    • Take care of yourself while helping others

    Get your FREE download of our People Pleaser Self-Assessment Journal by filling out the information above!

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